My relationship with the English language

Hello everybody!

This time I’m writing about my relationship with the English language (because if you remember, my first language is French!)

Oh, by the way thanks a lot for the warm welcome I got from the English blogging community, I didn’t expect that!

So, there are three reasons why English is important to me and that I like to use it:

My mom

What started everything is that my mom in an elementary school English teacher!

So when I was a kid, sometimes we would watch TV shows like Barney the dinosaur and by the time I started English classes (we only started at 10 years old at the time, so in 4th grade), I knew my colors and everything about the date of the day (we had to change the date on the fridge every day, that helped a lot!!).

That first year was then easy and in High School I always took advanced English. That was a good thing because when I had to take the university test, it said that I wouldn’t have to take English classes (I took Spanish instead)!

My best friend

I met Trevor at the very begging of High School and I’m still stuck with him (that’s almost 15 years! I’m 27 so that’s half my life!!). I’m kidding, I’m kidding!

He speaks French as well as anybody here, but the first language I learned was English. So, when I go to his parents’ place, his mom will speak English to me (it’s been a long time since the last time I went tough…)

I never really spoke English there because I wasn’t comfortable enough with my English-speaking abilities, but at least I was able to understand what she said.

That time I left 6 months to learn how to speak English

Since I wanted that to change, I learn that there was a program that could fix my problem, it’s called Katimavik!

The lady at the job fair I went at the end of High School explained to me that when you’re chosen to do Katimavik, you leave for 9 months (the government cut that to six the year I went…) and you live with 10 other young people like you. Some will speak French, but most only English.

I can tell you that after the first month of volunteering (one of the important reason for the program’s existence) and living at home in English, my speaking abilities were much better (well…less bad)!

So, put that everything together and that gives you someone that has no problem with the fact that not a lot of shows/movies on Netflix are available in French…

Do you guys speak any second (or third, fourth, fifth!) language?


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