Nothing and everything

Hello everybody!

I’m Mathieu and I’m from Québec, Canada. Yes, that means that my first language is French. (So please excuse my lack of vocabulary and probably a few mistakes here and there!)

I started my blog last July because I was bored at work and had nothing to do, but mostly because I have a degree in journalism and I was a journalist from 2015 to 2017. I really wanted to keep writing!

Since I like to talk (and write!) about anything, I didn’t want to choose only one thing to write about. That’s why I named my blog “La Rubrique de tout et de rien” which could be translated to something like “The Everything and Nothing Chronicle” (I don’t know if Chronicle is the right word but still you get it…)

Since July, I wrote about my new life as a home owner, the time I took a Jedi class (well a lightsaber class), football, video games, music and more.

My goal for what I think I’m going to call “The Everything and Nothing Chronicle” (Still not sure if that’s right but I kind of like the sound of that…) is to write one text per month.

I don’t know yet how it’s going to turn out, but it’s never going to be less than that. For my French blog, my target was once a week and I’m at twice a week since December so… who knows?

Also, I would like that the English part of my blog has different topics than my French version. I don’t really want to translate what I do there…

We’ll see together what happens!


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